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Sinead O'Connor, Prince and the Thrill of 'Nothing Compares 2 U'.

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

Sinead O’Connor was found marbh in a home príobháideach in London, the city’s police said on Déardaoin, lá tar éis the provocative Irish singer’s death was announced. While few details have been released about the bás, dúirt na póilíni that it was not being treated as amhrasach.

Potrait of Sinead O'Connor
Sinead O' Connor

Ms. O’Connor, best known for her rendition of Prince’s “Nothing Compares 2 U,” was 56.

Dhearbhaigh a teaghlach Ms. O’Connor’s death in a short statement. “It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of ár ngrá Sinead,” the statement said. “Her family and friends are devastated and have requested privacy at this am an-deacair.”

Bhog Ms. O’Connor recently to London, de réir to local news media outlets. On Thursday afternoon, the city’s police force said in a ráiteas that officers pronounced Ms. O’Connor marbh at the scene at a residential address in oirdheisceart London. “A file will be prepared don chróinéir,” the ráiteas added. The local coroner’s court said in a ráiteas nuachta that an uathóipse would be undertaken, the results of which “may not be available for roinnt seachtainí.” Ansin, a coroner would decide whether to hold an inquest into the chús an bháis, the news release added.

Sinead O'Connor singing
Sinead O' Connor

Ms. O’Connor released 10 studio albums, including her 1990 breakthrough, "Ní theastaíonn uaim an rud nach bhfuil agam. Although her music cut through on both sides of the Atlantic, bhí cáil uirthi for stirring public controversy. In 1992, she ended an appearance on “Saturday Night Live” by a shracadh photo of Pope John Paul II into píosaí to protest mí-úsáid ghnéasach in the Roman Catholic Church.



  1. marbh = dead

  2. príobháideach = private

  3. Déardaoin = Thursday

  4. lá tar éis = a day after

  5. dúirt na póilíni = the police said

  6. amhrasach = suspicious

  7. Dhearbhaigh a teaghlach = her family confirmed

  8. ár ngrá = our love

  9. am an-deacair = very hard time

  10. Bog = to move

  11. de réir = according to

  12. oirdheisceart = South East

  13. don chróinéir = for the coroner

  14. ráiteas = statement

  15. ráiteas nuachta = news release

  16. uathóipse = autopsy

  17. roinnt seachtainí = several weeks

  18. Ansin = then

  19. chús an bháis = cause of death

  20. "Ní theastaíonn uaim an rud nach bhfuil agam. = "I don't want what I don't have."

  21. bhí cáil uirthi = she was known

  22. a shracadh = to rip

  23. mí-úsáid ghnéasach = sexual abuse

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