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Ireland ranked an tír is cairdiúla in Europe by Condé Nast Traveller

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

Ireland has been ranked the friendliest country san Eoraip by the readers of the publication Condé Nast Traveller.

D’iarr the travel magazine its léitheoirí to decide on their favourite countries, cities, hotels and resorts ar fud an domhain as part of its annual readers choice awards survey.

Beating off competition from other popular destinations such as an Phortaingéil, an Ghréig and Iceland, Ireland was voted the friendliest country in Europe.

The friendliest countries on the continent, according to the 2022 Condé Nast Traveller suirbhé, are:

  • Ireland

  • Portugal

  • Greece

  • Iceland

  • Finland

  • Turkey

  • Denmark

  • Netherlands

  • Italy

  • Spain

In the readers’ list of friendliest cities in Europe, Dublin came sa séú háit.

Tourism Ireland chief executive Niall Gibbons said he is “thar a bheith sásta” with the news.

Arís agus arís eile, our research shows us that the friendliness of our people is one of our unique selling points,” Gibbons said.

“It is the warm welcome and the ‘craic’ here that resonates with our overseas visitors and makes the island of Ireland such a great rogha for a break gairid or saoire,” he said.

Commenting on Ireland, Condé Nast Traveller said: “Countless global reports have continually dubbed the people of Ireland as some of the friendliest and is fáiltí to visitors in the world, and our readers feel the same; voting it into the top spot for the friendliest countries in Europe.

Ar ndóigh, the breweries and lively atmosphere of Dublin are a must, but there are plenty of níos nádúrtha discoveries to be made here for those willing to venture beagán níos faide.

  • san Eoraip = in Europe

  • D’iarr the travel magazine = the travel magazine asked

  • léitheoirí = readers

  • ar fud an domhain = around the world

  • an Phortaingéil, an Ghréig = Portugal, Greece

  • suirbhé = survey

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