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Head east with Hector: The latest séasúr of Balkans go Baltics premieres ar TG4

Updated: Oct 30, 2022

After 18 grounded, Ireland’s beloved adventurer Hector Ó hEochagáin is ag filleadh to his travels — and to the small screen. Hector: Balkans go Baltics, Hector’s season is déanaí, airs on Thursday, 27 Deireadh Fómhair, at 9.30pm on TG4 or you can catch up on the player if you miss the príomhimeacht.

Mark your féilirí and make sure you’ve got the telly tuned and snacks at the ready as Hector sets off on a 3000km journey east from the Baltics of Eastern Europe to the Baltics of the north. Tosaíonn an series in Istanbul, Turkey, and continues on through Turkey, Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania, an Pholainn and Lithuania. The series finishes up in Riga, Latvia, after 3,000km of taistil.

Whether you’re a fan of Hector’s previous travel programmes, or an avid fan of the podchraoladh Tommy, Hector & Laurita, or even just love ag féachaint ar travel shows, Hector Balkans go Baltics will be must-watch teilifís.

As an experienced traveler and mischief-maker, Hector always manages to achieve peak banter with the people he meets ar an mbealach. He kicks off the series in Istanbul, where he immerses himself in the locals’ love for sacar, investigates the phenomenon of hair transplants in the city and wakes up at 4am to enjoy an unforgettable taithí leis an Turkish bath. Téann sé out on a boat trip along Bosphorus before heading to Gallipoli to reflect on the Irish lives lost during the Battle of Gallipoli.

Sa dara clár, Hector makes his way to the oldest tír in Europe: Bulgaria. Hector visits one of the world’s best preserved ancient Roman theatres, witnesses Nestinari dancing, fire jugglers, ceol bagpipe and a performance by local band The Cosmonauts. Hector reflects on Bulgaria’s communist history at Buzludja Monument and fiosraíonn sé the natural treasure that is the Seven Rila Lakes.

In episode three, Hector visits Serbia, starting with a stad in Belgrade at a local sheep farm. He meets comic writer Marko and tastes feoil Rosti in a traditional bialann Serbian. He also reflects on the éifeacht Covid-19 has had on Serbia, tastes some famous cáis Donkey and joins in on a clean-up of the Danube River, the most contaminated abhainn in Europe.

Episode four sees Hector visiting Bucharest, Romania, where he meets nua-aimseartha witches, stops by the Palace of Parliament, and foghlaimíonn sé more about the country’s Eastern Orthodox religion. He also visits a Roma community, witnesses the life and work of one of Romania’s largest minorities and even gets a deis to speak to the King of the Romas along the way.

If you haven’t been able to hop on a eitleán, or if you simply enjoy seeing wild and wonderful adventures in new places, make sure you tune into Hector: Balkans go Baltics with Hector Ó hEochagáin evenings Déardaoin starting October 27th at 9.30pm on TG4 or catch up on the player.


Link to the Tommy, Hector & Laurita podcast (HIGHLY RECOMMEND):


  • séasúr = season

  • ar = on

  • mí = months

  • ag filleadh = returning

  • is déanaí = latest

  • Deireadh Fómhair = October

  • príomhimeacht = main event


  • féilirí = calenders

  • Tosaíonn = the series starts

  • an Pholainn = Poland

  • taistil = travel


  • podchraoladh = podcast

  • ag féachaint = watching

  • teilifís = television


  • ar an mbealach = along the way

  • sacar = soccer

  • taithí = experience

  • Téann sé = he goes


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